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Deutschlandstipendium – Calendar for donors

The following overview shows the course of a normal funding year. For any question regarding the funding of Deutschlandstipendium scholarships please do not hesitate to contact us.

As of 20 April 2022

  • Start of fundraising for the new funding period (from October)

  • Start of the summer semester
  • Payments due for donations made by the semester
  • Inquiries about further funding and earmarking for the new funding period

  • Performance review for current scholarship holders
  • Announcement of the application periods for the next funding period and the names of donors who have thus far committed to the program as well as the earmarking of funds (degree programs)

  • Start of the application period for students for the new funding period
    (For the 12th funding period 2022/2023, applications can be submitted from 15 June by 11 July 2022.)
  • Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften - donors have the opportunity to attend
    (The next event is announced for 2 July 2022.)

  • End of the application period for students for the new funding period

  • Evaluation of the applicationy by the selection committee
  • Deadline for concluding a funding agreement for the new funding period beginning in October (new agreements or agreement extensions)

  • End of the funding period
  • Selection process - matching of scholarship holders and donors for the new funding period

  • Start of the funding period (start of the winter semester)
  • Payments due for the funding period
  • Scholarship holders are notified of their acceptance to the program and submit an acceptance declaration (including agreement to their contact details being provided to donors)

  • Scholarship holders’ contact details are provided to their respective donors (only with scholarship holders’ prior agreement)

  • Welcome meeting for scholarship holders for the new funding period - start of the support program with the scholarship holder working teams and program offered by Mission DStip Movement, an initiative of former and current Deutschlandstipendium scholarship holders
  • Scholarship holders are provided with their respective donors’ contact details (only with prior agreement)
  • Certificates of donation sent to donors

beginning of the next year
  • Deutschlandstipendium award ceremony - Awarding of scholarship certificates to sponsors and scholarship holders, opportunity to meet and get to know one another, group photographs
    (Realization depends on circumstances resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic.)


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