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Project cycle

PREPARE is offered every semester by the Career Service and is open to students of all faculties. Academic supervision is provided by the Chair of Accounting and Management Control, Professor Dr. Maik Lachmann (Faculty VII - Economics and Management).

You provide an authentic project to be conducted in German, working in close cooperation with the Career Service and the module supervisor.

A kick-off meeting is held with the participating students to work out and agree on the details of the project. In general, students work independently in teams. However, a contact person should be available within your company to answer any questions throughout the project.

An interim presentation is held to bring you up to date with the current status of the project and to discuss further measures.

The final results are presented in a concluding presentation, during which participants are also examined by representatives of the company and TU Berlin. Upon successful completion of the module, students receive 6 credit points, a certificate issued by the Career Service as well as a certificate, upon request, from the company.

Please note that we can only accept German-language business projects as PREPARE is offered exclusively in German.


PREPARE Summer School 2020 (as planned)
1. Trainingswoche (Managementkompetenzen):
09. - 13.03.2020
2. Trainingswoche (Schlüsselkompetenzen):
16. - 20.03.2020
Projektzeit mit Unternehmen:
23.03. - 22.05.2020
Kick off-Meeting:
KW 13
KW 17
KW 22/23
Abschlussgespräche (fakultativ):
KW 23/24
PREPARE Winter School 2020 (as planned)
1. Trainingswoche (Managementkompetenzen):
14. - 18.09.2020
2. Trainingswoche (Schlüsselkompetenzen):
21. - 25.09.2020
Projektzeit mit Arbeitgeber:
28.09. - 27.11.2020
Kick off-Meeting:
KW 40
KW 44
KW 49/50
Abschlussgespräche (fakultativ)
KW 50/51


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