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Deutschlandstipendium - Application and Requirements

Each winter semester, TU Berlin awards Deutschlandstipendium scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and notable involvement in work benefiting society or who have overcome personal hardship. A funding year includes the winter semester and following summer semester.

Applications are usually submitted during the summer semester. The current schedule for the application and selection process can be found under Dates and Deadlines [1] (subject to change). Before applying, please make sure to read all information and notes on our websites (incl. FAQ [2]).

Questions about the application

Who can apply?

The following individuals can apply:

  • Regularly enrolled bachelor’s and master’s students who are already enrolled at TU Berlin at the beginning of the funding period (the upcoming winter semester) and who are still studying within the standard period of study with at least two semesters remaining
  • New students who have applied and will commence their studies at TU Berlin in the winter semester

Students pursuing a second degree or complementary studies are also eligible.

Doctoral candidates, however, are not eligible to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium.

How and when can I apply?

  • You must apply online via our application portal usually during the summer semester. The application period will be announced in due time (see "Dates and Deadlines" [3]). For the 12th funding period 2022/2023, applications period is over.

  • The portal is only accessible during the application period (see below). The portal link will be published on the website "Call for Applications" (the link will appear in due time prior to the application period at the end of this page and in the menu on the left). There, you can also find further details and information on the call and online application.

  • The application portal will be available in German and English. If possible, please fill in the online application form in German. However, we will also accept applications completed in English. Please note the information regarding required documents and any necessary translations or grade conversions (see also "Downloads" box on the lower right).

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered and will be rejected. The application deadline cannot be extended. Applications which are incomplete or not provided in the requested format will not be considered.

  • Please bear in mind that you are responsible for informing yourself of the application requirements for the Deutschlandstipendium and ensuring the accuracy of your application documents and their submission within the deadline. We will not notify you if your application is incomplete or contains errors.

  • Please also note that the only valid information regarding the online application, format, and necessary documents is that provided by the Deutschlandstipendium Office at TU Berlin (and not other sources with potentially varying information).

Which data and documents are required to apply?

The following information will be requested as part of the online application and, if necessary, corresponding evidence will be required (documents have to be submitted as pdf-files via the online application portal).
(Mandatory fields are marked with *.)

  • Contact details: salutation*, first name*, last name*, date of birth*, address*, email*, nationality*, telephone number*
  • Information on studies on the upcoming winter semester* (start of the funding period for which the application is submitted): faculty*, study program*, degree sought*, matriculation number, subject semester*, university semester*, individual standard period of study, current transcript of records*
  • If applicable planning of a subsequent course of study (intended further course of study afterwards:  transition from Bachelor to Master, etc.)
  • Information on previous studies (also at other universities) up to and including the current summer semester: studies, if applicable degree and final grade
  • University Entrance Qualification Certificate* (type, date, grade)
  • Experience abroad (time period, place, activity) and language skills (language, level)
  • Practical experiences: vocational training (time period, degree, grade), internships (time period, place, activity)
  • Voluntary engagement (time period, activity)
  • Additional qualifications (time period, short description) and awards (time period, short description) including  query on previous receipt of a Deutschlandstipendium and membership of the Olympic squad
  • Special biographical or familiy circumstandes or challenges according to Section 3 StipG: own children, single parent, own disability/chronic illness, care for close relatives in need of care, orphan/halforphan, migration background, refugee experience, aisstance in parental business, non-academic parents, current employment during studies
  • Motivation*(short text with maximum 1,500 characters)
  • Desired assignment to a donor of the Deutschlandstipendium
  • Other (planned) funding*: indication of gifted or merit-based material support, query on BAföG receipt*

Personal recommendation letters or references are not required.

Please note: To find out which documents are accepted as proof, please check the document "2022_Nachweise_proof_DStip_web" (from the "Downloads" box to the right, last updated on 31.03.2022). The documents must be submitted in German or English. Other foreign language documents must be submitted with a certified translation (own translations cannot be recognized). For credits obtained abroad (e.g. for the university entrance qualification), an official conversion into the German grading system is required (e.g. the Evaluation Report of uni-assist e.V.), own conversions are not sufficient. We recommend that you take care of the necessary proof early on.

(Notice for students of TU Berlin: You can now retrieve your certificate of enrollment and your transcripts of records in the self-service section of the tuPORT portal. If module examinations that have already been completed are not yet listed in the current QISPOS/SAP performance record, it is possible to list these performances separately in the application portal.)

Questions about the Selection Procedure

What are the selection criteria?

The following criteria are considered during selection:

  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Notable involvement in work benefiting society and outstanding achievements
  • Particular family/biographical circumstances and challenges

Who selects the scholarship holders?

Future scholarship holders are selected by the TU Berlin Deutschlandstipendium selection committee. The committee is made up of two members per faculty: a professor and an academic staff member (cf. Section 7 Richtlinie der TU Berlin zur Vergabe von Deutschlandstipendien [4]).

Using the selection criteria below pursuant to the criteria stated in the Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz - StipG [5], Stipendienprogramm-Verordnung - StipV [6], and the Richtlinie der TU Berlin zur Vergabe von Deutschlandstipendien [7], the selection committee will select recipients on the basis of the information submitted with complete applications:

  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Notable involvement in work benefiting society and outstanding achievements
  • Particular family/biographical circumstances and challenges

When are the selection results announced?

The results of the selection process are announced at the start of the winter semester.
Each applicant will receive a notice. However, this may take some time due to the multiple steps of the procedure. We will be unable to provide information about the current status of the selection procedure until then and kindly ask you not to inquire.
Details about the procedure and timeline can also be found at "Dates and Deadlines" [8].

Questions about the Funding

How is the funding structured?

The entire sum of the Deutschlandstipendium is EUR 3,600 for at least one year with monthly disbursements of EUR 300.

In addition to receiving financial support, scholarship holders can also participate in and help shape the Deutschlandstipendium network, e.g. by joining one of the scholarship holder working teams [9] and sharing with the sponsors.

Note: The principles of the Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz - StipG [10], Stipendienprogramm-Verordnung - StipV [11], and Richtlinie der TU Berlin zur Vergabe von Deutschlandstipendien [12] apply.

Who are the donors?

You can find a current overview of TU Berlin Deutschlandstipendium donors here [13].

Legal Foundation

Which laws apply to the Deutschlandstipendium at TU Berlin?

The Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz - StipG [14], Stipendienprogramm-Verordnung - StipV [15], and Richtlinie der TU Berlin zur Vergabe von Deutschlandstipendien [16] form the legal framework of the TU Berlin scholarship program.

Call for applications for the 12th funding year 2022/2023

The application period for the 12th funding year 2022/2023 is over.

Online applications could be submitted from 15 June 2022, 10 am. by 11 July 2022, 11:59 pm. - exclusively via the online application portal. Subsequent submissions are not possible.

Project Manager

Kirsty Otto (IF 5)
+49 (0)30 314-25309
Ernst Ruska building
Room ER 381
e-mail query [17]


N.N. (IF 6)
Ernst Ruska building
Room ER 381
e-mail query [18]

Laws (German only)

  • Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz_–_StipG.pdf [19]
  • Stipendienprogramm-Verordnung - StipV [20]
  • Nichtamtliche Lesefassung Richtlinie Deutschlandstipendium TU Berlin [21]


  • 2022 Nachweise proof DStip [22]
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