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Deutschlandstipendium - Call for Applications 2021/2022

Please note the general information on applications.

Questions about the online application should exclusively be sent to: dstip.bewerbung[at]career.tu-berlin.de

Number of scholarships available

In its current and 10th funding year, TU Berlin awarded 150 Deutschlandstipendium scholarships. A significantly lower number of scholarships are expected to be available for the 2021/2022 funding year due to a decrease in donations from donors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We currently expect to award 80 to 100 scholarships and will update this figure regularly.

Earmarked pledges

Donors can earmark their pledge for a specific degree program or subject area. In addition to earmarked pledges, there are also scholarships open to all degree programs.
In the upcoming 11th funding period 2021/2022, we expect pledges to be earmarked for the following degree programs (subject to change):

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Civil Systems Engineering, Computational Engineering Science (Informationstechnik im Maschinenwesen) - focus on Process Engineering, German as a Foreign Language, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering and Process Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Environmental Planning, History and Culture of Science and Technology, Human Factors, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Food Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Digital Media & Technology, Sustainable Management, Physics, Engineering Science, Process Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering (PEESE), Production Engineering, Renewable Energy Systems, Urban Ecosystem Sciences (Stadtökologie), Transport Systems, Material Science and Engineering, Information Systems Management, Industrial Engineering and Management

The Online Application from Start to End

Beginning 11 June 2021, you will find the link to our application portal at the bottom of this page. Please refer to the following information as well as our FAQs about the application portal (available for download on the right) before beginning your application. The application portal is open through 5 July 2021.

Important information about the application portal

  • A one-time registration is required when you start the application.

  • Once you have registered, you are able to save your application at any time and edit or complete it at a later date.

  • Please note: Your application is only considered submitted when you have sent it by clicking the button "Bewerbung abgeben". Once your data has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. If you would like to include changes after you have submitted the application, you can do so by making the changes and then by clicking “Änderungen speichern” to save them.

  • If you have trouble uploading the PDF files, please read the FAQs about applying.

  • The application portal is only available in German. A guide with helpful instructions in English is available for download at the right.

  • You will not be able to access your application after the application deadline. Please remember to save your application for your own records. You can do so by downloading a pdf of your application from the portal.

Important information about the online application

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered and will be rejected. The application deadline cannot be extended. Applications which are incomplete or not provided in the requested format will not be considered.

  • It is in your own interest to ensure that you provide your current mailing address and email address (including the name of the person on your mailbox/door or room number). We are not responsible for errors or missed deadlines due to incorrect information.

  • Please bear in mind that you are responsible for informing yourself of the application requirements for the Deutschlandstipendium and ensuring the accuracy of your application documents and their submission within the deadline. We will not notify you if your application is incomplete or contains errors.

  • Please also note that the only valid information regarding the application, format, and necessary documents is that provided by the Deutschlandstipendium Office at TU Berlin (and not other sources with potentially varying information).

  • Questions about the online application should only be sent to: dstip.bewerbung[at]career.tu-berlin.de

Documents to be submitted

You can find an overview of the documents you are required to upload to your online application on the page Application as well as in the file “possible documents to submit”, available for download on the right.

Please note that proof must be uploaded in pdf format and that individual files may not exceed 3 MB.

Selection criteria and process

Information about the selection criteria, selection committee, and selection procedure timeline can be found on the page Application. Make sure to also note the dates and deadlines for the Deutschlandstipendium.

Link to the Online Application Portal - Beginning 11 June 2021

The link to the application portal will be available here beginning 11 June 2021.

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