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After Brexit: Internships in UK

Thursday, 28. January 2021

Even after Brexit, internships in the UK can be funded through the ERASMUS programme. However, there is now a lot of extra bureaucracy to deal with.

Please note the following information from the DAAD:

For all interns (Germans, citizens of other EU countries and so called third-country citizens), a Temporary Worker-Government Authorised Exchange visa (T5) is required under the Erasmus+ programme for a stay in the UK. In order to be able to apply for such a visa, participants must have a so-called Certificate of sponsorship, which is issued for Erasmus+ by the British Council.

The Certificate of sponsorship is a reference number that contains information about the position and the personal data of the participant and is valid for three months from the date of issue. The application for the reference number is to be submitted to the British Council by the sending university and not by the individual sponsors.

The visa application can be completed online after submitting the reference number from the Certificate of sponsorship and costs 244 British pounds (German citizens receive a discount of 55 British pounds).
Those with visas must also pay an Immigration Health Surcharge for access to the NHS, the public health service. For students, the fee is 470 British pounds annually.

In the Tier5 (GAE) category, there is no minimum salary requirement. However, it is also regulated that students must prove their living expenses through the Erasmus+ funding and/or internship salary and cannot apply for public benefits.

Our tip: Please consider other options; in many European countries, such as in Sweden or Belgium, the working language in internationally oriented companies is often English.









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