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Frequently asked questions

How do I find a traineeship position?

Internships abroad are often found via international online job portals. You may also want to talk to your professors and ask for contacts abroad. Other options include the websites of the German chambers of commerce and industry, as well as German companies with business locations abroad. 


Who can apply?

Eligible are all students regularly enrolled at the TU Berlin. The personal PROMOS contingent of 6 months per study cycle must be respected, though.

[translation coming soon]

  • a) die die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit besitzen
  • b) die Deutschen gemäß § 8 Absatz 1 Ziffer 2 ff., Absatz 2, 2a und 3 BAföG gleichgestellt sind (in diesem Zusammenhang gilt der Wortlaut des Gesetzes, zu finden hier.
  • c) sowie nichtdeutsche Studierende, wenn sie an der TU Berlin eingeschrieben sind mit dem Ziel, hier den Abschluss zu erreichen.

Achtung: Für den in b) und c) beschriebenen Personenkreis sind Aufenthalte im Heimatland ausgeschlossen.



Which countries are eligible for an internship with the PROMOS programme?

The PROMOS programme offers grants for internships in those countries which are not part of the ERASMUS programme, such as the US, Japan, Australia etc.

Internships in Switzerland can neither be funded by the ERASMUS+ programme nor by the PROMOS programme.


Which internships are not eligible for funding?

Internships at international organizations (e.g. UNO), EU-institutions, organizations and institutions that administer EU programmes, national administration bodies of countries beneficiaries, such as embassies, consulates and other national representations, the Max Weber Foundation – “Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland”, the Goethe Institutes, the German Archaeological Institute as well as the Deutsche Auslandsschule are not eligible.  


How much money will I get?

Depending on the target country the grants vary between 350€ and 550€ per month.


For how long can my internship be funded?

Since the funds of the PROMOS scholarship programme are limited, internship can be funded for 3 months at maximum. The internship must last at least 6 weeks.

Please note that internships booked via an agency are not eligible for funding.



When do I have to apply?

The deadlines can be found here.


Which language certificates are accepted?

The following language certificates are accepted (no older than 2 years):

  • official language certificates, including TOEFL, IELTS, DELF etc
  • language course certificates with information on the achieved level (B1 and higher)
  • DAAD language certificates
  • ZEMS language reports



How should the letter of motivation look like?

The letter of motivation is another important part of your application and should cover approximately one page. It should be convincing in both content and language.

Keep the following questions in mind:

  • Why do you want to hold your internship in the particular company and country?
  • Why did you choose this company?
  • In which degree does the internship play along with your studies?
  • Which aspirations are connected with your internship?
  • Which role does this internship play regarding your future career?
  • Why is this internship abroad important for you?

Please hand in the original signed letter of motivation.



How should the letter of recommendation look like?

The letter of recommendation is an essential part of the application and should include information on the student's academic performance, the overall (personal and professional impression) and the internship intentions.


May I fill in the documents by hand?

No, all forms have to be filled in electronically.


When and where do I submit my documents?

After completing all required information & documents in our online portal, please make sure to submit all documents within our office hours in person, because we may need to discuss missing documents etc. If you require an individual appointment, please contact us in good time, such as a couple of days in advance.




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