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Our Trainers from A to Z

Dr. Yvonne Anders [1]


studied Pedagogy, German Philology, Phonetics, Speech Science, Ph.D., systemic coach more to: Dr. Yvonne Anders [2]

Christian Becker [3]


studied Economics, certified coach, NLP-Master Practioner more to: Christian Becker [4]

Birgit Blasche [5]


studied acting, director and trainer more to: Birgit Blasche [6]

Ortrun Blase [7]


studied Sociology, Communication, Theology, Art certified trainer and coach more to: Ortrun Blase [8]

Henrike Hüttner [9]


studied English Philology, Psychology and Pedagogy, certified coach more to: Henrike Hüttner [10]

Claudia Naumann-Schiel [11]

Claudia Naumann-Schiel

studied Pedagogy/ Spanish Philology, trainer and coach, strategic personnel development more to: Claudia Naumann-Schiel [12]

Andreas Reichmann [13]


studied Economics, trainer for project management more to: Andreas Reichmann [14]

Hanneke Riedijk [15]


studied Japanology and Journalism, change manager and consultant, certified coach more to: Hanneke Riedijk [16]

Katja Rudat [17]


studied Communication Sciences, certified coach and trainer more to: Katja Rudat [18]

Esther Schaefer [19]


studied Communication Design, designer and workshop presenter more to: Esther Schaefer [20]

Cornelia Schultheiss [21]


studied English Philology, German Philology, Linguistics more to: Cornelia Schultheiss [22]

Marc Schmieder [23]


studied Sociology, project and event manager more to: Marc Schmieder [24]

Amanda Wichert [25]


studied anthropology and language learning, trainer and coach more to: Amanda Wichert [26]

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